Why Do You Need to Play a Real Money Fish Game?
  • December 27, 2021
  • Kyle Lewis

Playing real money fish game titles allows players to have a good time while earning substantial amounts in online casinos. It is a new trend that captured the attention of the masses as the fish arcades grew in popularity. 

Many online casinos started to incorporate these games into their portfolio, and that helped these titles to increase the demand by players. Fish games are simple and straightforward. Besides that, they provide you with a realistic shot at winning, and that is the major reason why so many players are tuning in real money fish games regularly. 

They are skill-based casino titles that offer you lucrative bonuses and countless multiplier opportunities. If you have never tried them before and want to learn about them, this is the article that you need to read. 

In this post, we are going to introduce you to the world of real money fish games, explain how to play them, discuss the major casino platforms that offer them as well as list some of the best gaming strategies that you can employ to win real cash in fish arcades. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

What is the Real Money Fish Game?

Real money fish game

Real money fish game is a digital version of the fish arcade game that you play in parlors. The main difference here is that you can access these games without leaving your house, and they are available on both mobile and desktop devices. Besides that, you might also end up winning more cash prizes in online versions as they have some lucrative bonus offers. Fish tables generally come from China, and initially, big casino software providers started to develop online versions of the game. 

It is a fun and exciting experience to enjoy some high-quality fish tables online. You might as well download the blue dragon app to do so. In this app, you can find a variety of fish table games as well as other online casino game genres like poker, blackjack, and slot machines. So, if you want to experience the thrill of playing fish tables, look no further than Blue Dragon

If you do not want to download the app and try to instantly access these games, you might as well check out platforms like Rivermonster games or Fire Kirin that offers fish table games online. Depending on your choice, you can find legitimate real money fish game titles and enjoy them right away. 

Rules and Payouts in Real Money Fish Game

The rules of the real money fish game are very simple. Regardless of your prior experience in the fish arcade genre, you can learn and implement them easily as you start playing. You need to know the components of the game before starting. So, there is a fish aquarium that has a number of fish in it. On the main screen, there are cannons below the fish tank. 

All you need to do is to target the fishes with the cannon and shoot at them. The player who hit the last shot that killed the fish will earn the prize. Depending on which bullet you have used, the results might change. There are some bullets that have higher capacity than others. The other factor that helps us to determine the payout potential is the different species of fish. 

Each fish has a certain value, and you can look it up on the information page of each game. By killing the fishes that offer extra features or have higher value, your payout can change drastically. There are some special fishes that have the ability to explode and kill other small fishes around them. Whenever you hit and manage to kill those types of targets, you will get a massive reward. 

Why Should You Try Them?

There are many reasons why players should give a shot at real money fish games, and below, we will discuss them one by one. 

Chance of Winning

First of all, these games offer you a realistic chance of winning, and when we compare them side by side with the genres like baccarat or online slots, it is obvious that the luck aspect is not as important in fish tables as in those sweepstakes games. 

Multiplayer Option

Real money fish game

It is a skill-based game that allows you to earn real cash by having a great time with your friends. It is a multiplayer game genre in which you can gather with your friends and compete for major prizes. 

Straightforward Rules

The rules are simple, and that is another advantage of fish tables as you would not spend that much time learning about different strategies in order to win a single turn at a real money fish game. 

Demo Mode

On top of all that, fish games offer you free and real money versions. For inexperienced players, it is a piece of great news is they can enter these games and practice the rules as well as the gameplay until they feel like they are ready to step up to the real money fish game level. 

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