Just like in a land-based casino platform, there are rules that you need to follow to enjoy the gaming experience at Blue Dragon. All the players above 21 are welcome to experience a variety of exciting fish table games as well as online slots that we offer.

We prioritize customer safety more than anything here at Blue Dragon. Once you register at our platform, you can rest assured that your personal data is encrypted, and no other third-party individuals can access that.

In order to register at Blue Dragon, players need to download our casino app to their phone or desktop device first. Then, you need to fill the tabs to specify your name, surname, payment method, age, and so on. As soon as your registration request gets accepted, you can start to play the best online fish games that are available in the market. The registration process is very fast, and it can take up to several minutes for you to enroll at Blue Dragon.

It is one of the common questions that we get asked on a daily basis. All the games in Blue Dragon are optimized for both mobile and desktop screens. That means the functionality and quality of the games will stay the same regardless of your device preference.

Return to Player Rate is a percentage of the overall deposits that a certain game pays back in the long run. RTP for fish table games as well as regular casino titles at Blue Dragon is generally high. We have added only those games that provide high-quality graphics alongside generous bonuses and above-average payout rates. So regardless of your choice, you can relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about RTP.

Of course, you can! We offer a wide selection of real money slots as well as fish arcade games in which you can earn real cash prizes. There is no difference between going on to a brick-and-mortar casino and enjoying the casino experience here at Blue Dragon in terms of the payout potential. The advantage here for players is the freedom to pick and choose which games they would like to play right now.

The fish table games, as well as the likes of poker and blackjack titles in Blue Dragon, offer you several options regarding this matter. You can either play against the system or against the players. So, the answer is yes, we have both multi and single-player tables for you to enjoy. Keep in mind that we integrated the Random Number Generation system into the software, which ensures fairness and provides equal chances for all the players to win.

It is highly unlikely for any real money casino app to provide this service because they are currently disabled. Whatever the background of the game is, you need to play through it, at least for now.

The general rule here for the majority of table casino games is 15 minutes at most. So, if you are inactive for 15 consecutive minutes, you will be removed from that casino table and replaced with another player who is trying to connect. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time to spare for exciting casino table games.

Depending on which game you are playing, the outcomes might differ whenever you face such incidents. In Slot Games, for instance, you can continue playing the game after establishing the internet connection again. On the other hand, the table games are a little bit different. For those of you who are playing in a single-player setting, you can come back and finish the game later on as long as it did not take more than 24 hours upon the initial game’s start. However, if you are playing in multi-player gaming rooms, the game will automatically be finalized by the casino as soon as you leave the table due to connection or any other issue.