Roulette Strategy 2024: Improve Your Roulette Winning Chances
  • November 30, 2023
  • Brian

Roulette is a fascinating online casino table game. This game is a classic casino game of chance. Though winning depends on luck and chance, with the right roulette strategy, there are still some ways you can hedge your bets to reduce your chances of losing on the wheel.

To win at the roulette wheel, there are certain conditions and factors that you have to consider.

This article helps improve your understanding of the roulette game and presents several roulette betting strategy options. If you’re new to the roulette game and want to start your journey with a win, then you’re on the right path.

Let’s begin.

What Is a Roulette Strategy?

best roulette strategy

Roulette is one of the many games of chance among online casino games. As a matter of principle, games of chance are impossible to predict, making it equally hard for anyone to cheat the system or devise a strategy for consistent success.

The average roulette wheel has 37 or 38 numbers, so knowing which game and wheel you’re using helps you determine your best roulette strategy to win.

That is why if you’re looking for a strategy that’ll make you win the highest roulette amounts or jackpots, then you should look elsewhere because it does not exist. Instead, this roulette strategy will help maximize your chances of winning. Blue Dragon online casino maximizes your chances by offering safe betting options and casino promotions to boost your bankroll.

You must understand that the purpose of any roulette strategy is to minimize any losses you can acquire while betting on a roulette game. To implement a roulette strategy to win, you must correctly guess which number or color the ball will land. However, players have some flexibility in how they bet and which bets they can make.

The various betting options provide you with the latitude needed to maximize or minimize your chances as you wish. The riskiest roulette betting strategy options are designed to maximize your payouts and ensure you win large amounts, but these strategies have a low probability of coming through. And the reverse is the case for safe roulette winning strategy games.

Roulette Strategy: How to Win?

Every roulette winning strategy starts from the first phase of play. It aims to guide how you make your bets and what to look for when betting. The most essential factor is whether you’re playing a popular roulette variant or one of the more complex variants.

There are many roulette wheels in the game, and the one you’re currently playing determines the best roulette strategy to win the game. Most of the trusted online casinos offer the three most popular roulette games. You just have to find and register on the platforms.

To win, you must guess where the ball will land. A straight bet is one of the most complex options you can take. This bet allows you to win a payout that is 35:1, which is very high. But the odds of winning are at 2.7%, one of the lowest casino game odds in the industry.

Roulette Winning Strategy on Different Roulette Games

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As mentioned, there are many roulette wheels, and the strategies or betting options you choose depend on which roulette game you play.

European Roulette Strategy

The European Roulette wheel is the most popular roulette table in physical and online gambling sites. Its popularity is due to its single zero and the table’s advantages. The European roulette wheel offers the second-best roulette winning odds and payouts of all roulette games.

American Roulette Strategy

The main difference between European and American Roulette is that the former has just one zero, while the latter has two zeros. The implication of a double zero (0, 00) wheel is that it reduces your odds of winning the game. A reasonable roulette strategy for newcomers should always be to play European Roulette games. And that shouldn’t be too much since most sweepstake software providers ensure they add them to their game lists.

French Roulette Strategy

The French Roulette is the best roulette game in any online sweepstakes casino. This roulette game has the same wheel designs as European roulette. But it has more roulette betting strategy options that help your chances.

If the ball lands on a zero, the La Partage and En Prison rules can get you half your wager back or a rerun on the wheel.

The Best Roulette Strategy to Win Games

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Roulette Dozens Strategy

One of the most popular bets in the Roulette betting strategy is to bet on 12 numbers at a time. This bet is called the Dozens bet. It places wagers on groups of 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36 numbers on the roulette table.

The bet’s payout odds are at 2:1, which means you’ll get double your original wager if you win.

The Reverse Roulette Double Down Strategy

This roulette strategy is the exact opposite of the Martingale system. It advocates that you should double your bet after each win and reset it to the lowest wager after you lose. This bet helps you conserve your money and can lead to huge profits.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

This winning strategy is based on even money roulette bets like Red/Black and Odd/Even number bets.

This strategy advises that your first bet should be the minimum acceptable wager. And if you lose, you should place the same bet but double the amount. You should continue doubling the amount of your bet until you eventually win. Only then will your bet reset to the minimum amount.

It is important to note that this strategy is only for those with a considerable gambling account. If you don’t have enough money to bet, following the Martingale strategy might bankrupt you.

The D’Alembert Strategy

roulette betting strategy

This roulette betting strategy is a credible alternative to the Martingale system. It advocates that you pick an even-money bet and stick to it throughout the casino table game. Your first bet should be the minimum amount; if it loses, you should add a bet unit.

With this strategy, if your first bet was $1. You should add another $1 to your original bet if you lose that bet. And with every loss you face, you add another unit until you make a win. And only then should you deduct a unit from your next bet.

The Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

Instead of increasing your wager when you lose and decreasing it when you win, the Reverse D’Alembert Strategy requires you to decrease your wager when you lose and increase it when you win. There’s, however, the danger of you getting a negative balance when the loss exceeds the number of wins.

Roulette Columns Strategy

This roulette betting strategy also groups 12 numbers to improve winning chances. The odds of winning this bet on a European Roulette table is 32.4%, which points to the best online casino payouts for roulette at 2:1.

The Fibonacci Strategy

This roulette strategy is similar to the Martingale betting system. The strategy is named after an Italian mathematician. It helps players determine their next wager with a unique sequence of numbers.

The sequence you’ll use in this strategy is built by adding the previous two numbers of your bet together. Your first wager should be the minimum bet. If you lose, add the two numbers together for the next wager. The sequence goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.

You should only wager even-money bets to get the most out of this bet. The Fibonacci strategy is complicated for most casino players. You can use the Martingale system if you’re looking for a simpler model.


What is the best roulette strategy?

The best roulette winning strategy is the Martingale system. This strategy makes roulette one of the table casino games with best odds and payouts.

How to bet roulette strategy?

Most roulette strategies require you to make even-money bets. That is because those bets improve your chances of winning, while the strategies help you increase your payout when you win.

What are some roulette strategies that involve betting on zero?

The best roulette betting strategy for zero is the James Bond Strategy. You need to have a large bankroll to use this strategy. It requires you to spread your bets on several options, including a straight bet on zero.

What is a reasonable roulette strategy for beginners?

The best roulette winning strategy for beginners is the Martingale roulette strategy.

What are the odds of winning roulette strategy?

The odds of winning a roulette game are even at best, and that depends on the type of bet you make and which roulette game you’re playing.

What are the most often winning numbers in roulette?

There is no way to predict the best roulette winning numbers. You can only maximize your chances by picking even money bets like Red/Black and Odd/Even numbers.


The best roulette strategy will help you reduce losses and improve your chances of winning. However, remember that no strategy will help you win consistently, nor is there a cheat sheet you can use to game the system. Your best option is to register on BitPlay Casino and play according to the options above.

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