Play Penny Slot Machines for Fun & Excitement Online
  • May 29, 2023
  • Bernard Robinson

Penny slot machine is the best choice if you are just getting started in the gambling field. So what are these games, and why are they so popular among rookie players? Find more in this article!

Slot games, generally, tend to be the best gambling games for newbies. That’s because their main characteristic – they are chance-based games that do not require lots of practice or understanding of complicated rules. Simply, you enter the game, make a bet and wait for the result.

However, some slots still give players more playing opportunities than others. These are the free penny slots.

This post will give you all information about free online penny slots. Also, you will discover the best penny slot machines to play at the casino. And learn about the main differences between regular and penny slots.

So, without further ado, let’s start by defining the penny slot machine’s concept!

Penny Slot Machine: What is it

Penny slot machine is one of the most popular directions of the slot games genre. These games generally look the same. They have a few reels, a few rows, and a number of paylines. They also come with various themes, impressive designs, and storylines.

However, they have one particular characteristic that makes them the most popular among slot game lovers. This special feature is the betting range.

These games allow players to start betting with a minimum wager of 0.01 coins. As a result, the player can try out different games and find their favorite without losing too many funds. 

These games will be your perfect match if you are a new player trying to get used to the gaming environment. Or, if you are an experienced player with a limited budget and prefer to have fun while winning little cash prizes, you will also enjoy them. 

Below are the best penny slots to play. Read their short reviews, pick your favorite, and start playing immediately!

Best Penny Slot Machines to Play at The Casino:

There are numerous impressive best penny slot machines to play at the casino. However, to make the picking process easier for you, here are the top 5 game reviews that you will definitely enjoy.


penny slot machine

The first free penny slot machine to discuss is Cleopatra. The game is inspired by Ancient Egypt and its powerful queen Cleopatra. So, when you start playing, don’t be surprised by the fascinating symbols on your screen.

The game has a 5×3 grid stacked with beautifully-featured icons. Even the classic slot game symbols are made according to the theme.

There are 20 paylines. And the betting range per line, of course, starts with 0.01 coins. So if you’re lucky enough, you will be able to land 10.000x your stake in a single spin!

Dolphin Reef

The next game in our free online penny slots list is Dolphin Reef. And this game has the best winning opportunities so far.

The betting range here also starts with 0.01 coins and goes up to 3.000 coins per spin. There are 30 paylines you can activate. And the maximum payout when playing with the highest bets and luck is a whooping 1.000.000 coins!

Joker Ra

The next game in line is brand new, and it just saw the light. However, we are sure that its impressive visuals will not leave you disappointed.

The Joker Ra is also inspired by Ancient Egypt. All the symbols on the reels are made with 3D graphics and bring you the exact mysterious vibe you get when thinking of Egypt.

The betting range there also starts from 0.01 coins, and the maximum win per line is 100x your bet. So, if you’re a new player looking for the modern penny slot, this game is the best start.

Highway Kings

Another fascinating penny slot machine to enjoy is Highway Kings. When you enter this immersive slot, you immediately become a king of roads from the safety and comfort of your device. 

The slot has 5 reels and 3 rows stacked with various cars. There are 9 paylines, and the minimum stake per line varies from 0.01 to 9 coins. The maximum payout you can land from the game goes up to 10.000x your bet. 

Lamp of Infinity

Our final pick on the list of free penny slot machines is the Lamp of Infinity. The game is themed in a way to bring you the Arabian culture vibe with Alladin, his monkey, and lots of treasures. 

There are 5 paylines with a betting range of 0.01 to 48. And the highest payout is 100x your stake.

Besides affordability, the slot stands out with its unique features. Anytime during playing, you can trigger free spins bonus and allow yourself to win even more while playing for free!

Free Penny Slot Machines:

Penny slot machines are sometimes considered free. That’s because they let you play that minimal wager per line. However, some casinos literally allow you to play free penny slot machines on their websites.

For that, you simply need to register on their platform and gather the welcome bonuses if they have any. For example, when registering on Blue Dragon online casino from the providers such as BitPlay and BitBetWin, you are able to gather lots of free credits allowing you to kick-start your online gambling journey. 

So, if you want to try these free online penny slots, register now and allow yourself to have the best gambling experience while spending a minimum!

Penny slots vs. Regular Slots

As mentioned, there is no radical difference between regular and best penny slot machines to play at the casino. Both types of slot machines have unique themes and storylines inspired by history, persons, or lifestyle.

Besides, most of them tend to have unique features such as free spins bonuses, multipliers, or even gambling games at the end of each win.

The only visible characteristic that differentiates penny slots from regulars is the betting options. The best penny slots to play have a minimum wager of 0.01 on each line per spin. 

penny slots online

However, keep in mind that some of these games can have fixed paylines. In that case, you will be obligated to bet more per spin. For example, if a specific penny slot has 10 paylines, you must make 0.1 bets per spin.

If the paylines are not fixed, you can activate as many lines as you want and make a bet accordingly.


How to play penny slots?

To play free penny slots, you need to register on a legit online casino and gather all available bonuses there. After that, log into your profile and choose a game with a minimum betting stake of 0.01. 

Start playing, bet the minimum, and enjoy the great features with the minimum loss!

How to win on penny slots?

Generally, to win on the penny slot machines, you need to play with the same strategy as you would with any other slot games. Try to activate all the lines (if they are not fixed) to give yourself more chances of winning. 

Also, take maximum advantage of bonuses. Choose a platform with many casino promotions and gather as many free credits as possible. That way, you get yourself better odds of winning.

How do penny slot machine work?

The best penny slot machines to play work the same way as any slot games in the market. You enter the game, choose a number of paylines (if they are not fixed), place a bet, and spin the reels. 

The only difference between these games and regular slots is the betting options. The penny slots allow you to bet the minimum wager of 0.01 coin per spin. 

What is a penny slot machine?

A penny slot machine is a slot game allowing you to bet a minimum wager of 0.01 coins per spin. 

What is the best paying penny slot?

There are numerous amazing penny slot machine titles that you can try. Some of the best ones are mentioned in the article. As your first game, you can pick Dolphin Reef, Joker Ra, or Highway Kings.

What are the best penny slot machines to play?

Some of the best penny slot machines to play are Cleopatra, Joker Ra, Highway Kings, Dolphin Reef, and Lamp on Infinity. Check their short reviews above in this article.

What penny slot machine has the best odds?

If you try to find the casino games with the best odds, look for the machines with more paylines. By activating all the paylines in the game, you get more winning chances. For the best odds, you can try games like Dolphin Reef and Highway Kings.


If you’re a newbie looking for an opportunity to bet less and enjoy more, then playing the Penny slot machine is your best decision. Choose any title from the comprehensive penny slots list and get ready to see fascinating designs while enjoying frequent little payouts!


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