Online Poker Sites: A Guide To The Best Online Experience
  • September 25, 2023
  • Bernard Robinson

Online poker sites are emerging from every corner. Poker is a crucial part of gambling culture. For generations, a game of wits, strategy, and luck has been a core part of every seasoned gambler’s gaming experience. In this extensive exploration, we’ll journey through the history of poker, the online gambling revolution, the rise of online poker, the advantages and challenges it presents, and will discuss some of the best online poker sites.¬†

The History of Poker 

Poker has a long history that traces back to 19th-century America. Its origins are a combination of various card games popular at the time. These games slowly evolved into the game we now recognize as poker. Its journey through time has seen it transcend from smoky backrooms to lavish casino settings, ultimately extending its reach to the virtual world of online gambling. The game’s pull has remained constant, captivating gamblers for centuries.¬†

Poker’s early days were marked by informal gatherings in the heartland of the United States, especially along the Mississippi River. During the Civil War, the game gained even more popularity, with soldiers passing the time by playing poker. As the years progressed, poker became a staple in saloons, where players bet using various valuable items, from cash to commodities.

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There was a significant turning point in the 1970s with the World Series of Poker, which brought the game to the mainstream. The tournament was televised globally, and this format and coverage elevated the game to a global audience. Poker was finally established as a skill-based and viable career choice for professionals. 

Online Poker Sites: The Digital Revolution in Poker Gameplay 

The gambling industry was revolutionized after the internet emerged in the late 20th century. A new industry was born from this digital revolution, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to millions of gamblers worldwide. 

Casino games, including poker, became available at the click of a button. The need to visit a physical casino was no longer an issue. The transition from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to the digital environment of online gambling was quite drastic. No longer restricted by geographic or time limitations, gamblers could now enjoy their favorite casino games at their convenience.

Online gambling quickly gained popularity due to several factors. It allowed players to gamble without being bound to a specific location. The extensive variety of games available online played a pivotal role as well. From the love of classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, gamblers were distracted by the vibrant, visually captivating world of slot machines and online casinos’ broad spectrum of preferences. This vast array of gaming options fostered an inclusive environment, attracting both seasoned gamblers and novices.¬†

Online Poker Sites: First Steps  

Online gambling had myriad offerings, but poker emerged as a prominent choice among these colorful and attractive games. 

It preserved the essence of the traditional game while evolving new elements that enhanced the overall experience. Virtual poker rooms allow players to join tables and tournaments, challenge opponents from around the globe, and even play with friends. 

Online poker platforms replicate the excitement of live poker, providing a wide array of game variations. Poker gamers were fascinated with the ability to choose from various games and stakes at any time of the day. Furthermore, the chance to play for real money heightened the excitement and competitiveness, attracting recreational players and professionals. 

This was followed by online poker tournaments, mirroring the pomp of live events like the WSOP and many others. These tournaments had substantial prizes and were recognized globally. 

Now, poker has also found its modern home in the digital world. Various online casinos and poker sites offer different promotions, welcome bonuses, and jackpot systems, making it harder for a gambler to choose the right one. 

Advantages of Online Poker 

Online poker sites

Online poker comes with a plethora of advantages that have contributed to its widespread popularity: 

Top online poker sites epitomize convenience. Players can engage in their favorite game without leaving their homes. Whether on a break, traveling, or simply relaxing in the park, a virtual poker table is just a few clicks away. 

The online poker sites landscape is vast, offering an extensive selection of games, stakes, and formats. From cash games to tournaments, players can explore various options to suit their preferences and skill levels.

Online poker provides an excellent platform for skill development. It allows players to play against opponents, enhancing strategic thinking, adaptability, and overall poker skills. 

Online poker sites offer players attractive bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs. These incentives add value to the gaming experience, boosting bankrolls and extending playtime. 

Online poker connects players from all corners of the world, creating a global poker community. This fosters diverse interactions, a broad range of playing styles, and an enriching social experience. 

A Rising Star in Online Casino Poker 

Blue Dragon is a newcomer in the online casino industry but has already made a promising entry as the best online poker sites for us players. Made by a dedicated and comprised team of professionals, Blue Dragon is expanding its gaming platform to reach a broader audience and take its place between top online poker sites. The platform offers the prospect of winning real cash, bonus prizes, and a captivating variety of authentic casino games.

One of the notable aspects of Blue Dragon is its accessibility. Blue Dragon offers a mobile casino experience as well, seamlessly operating on multiple operating systems, including iOS and Windows, and casino games for android as well. This compatibility ensures players can enjoy any game on Blue Dragon regardless of their device. 

Blue Dragon offers diverse¬†Casino games with best odds¬†to cater to various player preferences. Whether you’re a fan of slot machines with an inclination towards progressive jackpots or a skill-based casino player seeking enjoyment in strategy, Blue Dragon, one of the best online poker sites, has your favorite card games at your fingertips.¬†

Blue Dragon also takes pride in its user-friendly interface, which ensures smooth and intuitive navigation and gameplay for all players. The platform’s 3D environment provides a visually appealing and interactive setting. Thanks to the intuitive control panel and user-friendly layout, newcomers to the online casino scene will find it easy to navigate.

Online poker sites real money require 24/7 customer support, and their customer service team is readily available to assist players with any questions or concerns about their gaming experience on the platform. Whether through mobile phone, email, or live chat, players have multiple channels to reach out and receive prompt assistance. 

Blue Dragon is an emerging star in the online casino world as one of the best online poker sites for real money.

The Future of Poker and Online Gambling

best online poker sites for us players

 As technology advances, the future of poker and online poker holds exciting prospects. Virtual Reality poker and Augmented Reality experiences are on the horizon, promising an unforgettable gaming experience. 

Blockchain technology and crypto gambling sites are also shaping the industry of online poker sites, with the potential to enhance transparency, security, and trust through fair gambling. 

Best Online Poker Sites For US Players

In this vast array of free online poker sites, choosing the right one is getting harder and harder. In this part, we will discuss some of the best us online poker sites except Blue Dragon. 

Vegas x

Vegas X is a well-established free online poker sites known for its wide array of casino games. Vegas X offers different online casino games, from classic table games to modern slots. It’s one of the best online poker sites to start your professional poker player career.¬†

Orion Stars

Orion Stars is a relatively new but one of those rapidly emerging new online casinos. It has gained traction due to its modern approach to online gambling. Orion Stars aims to become one of the top online poker sites and revolutionize the free online poker sites experience with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface.

Vegas 7

Vegas 7 is another well-established online casino platform that has gained players’ trust. Known for its reliability and an extensive array of high-quality games, Vegas 7 offers a classic Vegas-style gambling experience and the opportunity to¬†play poker online for money. Vegas 7 is definitely among the best online poker sites for us players.


What is the best online poker site?

Determining the best online poker site is challenging, but eases the hard part; here are some of the best online poker sites to start with: Blue Dragon, Vegas 7, Vegas X, and Flamingo 7.

Are there any legal online poker sites?

Sure! There are several legal online poker sites. Legal issues of online poker differ by country and even by state or region, but here are some of the best online poker sites for US players: Blue Dragon, Vegas 7, Vegas X, and Flamingo 7. It’s crucial to research and ensure that the site you are using is operating legally.

How do online poker sites make money? 

Online poker platforms make money through the rake, tournament fees, and in-game purchases. 

What is the best free online poker site for beginners? 

Several platforms offer free poker games for beginners: Blue Dragon, Vegas 7, Vegas X, and Flamingo 7.

Why do online poker sites seem like a scam? 

Some sites might appear as scams due to their unfair gameplay, legal issues, rigged algorithms, lack of encryption technologies, and non-existent payment methods. The core point is choosing suitable online poker sites for real money.

What is the fastest and safest free online poker site? 

Determining the fastest and safest free online poker site can vary based on individual experiences. However, platforms like Blue Dragon, Vegas 7, Vegas X, and Flamingo 7 offer excellent user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and top-notch technology to provide seamless gameplay. 


Poker went through a journey from humble beginnings to the digital age. Online poker brought the loved game to the fingertips of millions worldwide. Online poker sites provide a real casino-like experience with some benefits. Convenience has become crucial, and the development of the digital world promises gamblers a lot. 

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