The Best Blue Dragon Games To Play
  • March 17, 2023
  • Kyle Lewis

Blue Dragon has been a lifesaver ever since its creation. Since their inception, online casino has continuously pushed the boundaries of excitement in casino gaming by redefining the experience. 

Its games have been a driving push in the lives of many players. Besides its quality-over-quantity approach, BlueDragon online casino has a UI that is easy to understand but still unique enough to stand out. 

Furthermore, their choice of favoring gaming mobility by allowing compatibility across all platforms needs to be discussed more. All these factors put BlueDragon in the upper echelon of online casino platforms.

Blue Dragon Casino Games to try for great results

While Blue Dragon slots are famous in their own right, BlueDragon as a casino is home to many other games. The beautiful thing is that they can be accessed from the Blue dragon 777 app, which is available on apple, android, and desktop. So, expect to play games like Panther moon, 5 Dragon, and the infamous Fishing Star. 

The over-availability of options in BlueDragon casino can be daunting for new users. Which game to play would be a common question floating in the mind of the average new user, and for amateurs looking for a game, they might ask: what genre should I play, Table games? Fish table games? Or should I try my hands on the Blue Dragon slots?

Worry not. I have come up with a fully fleshed article to put you through Blue Dragon casino, and by the time we’re done, we’ll make a winner out of you. So here are 5 BlueDragon games for a guaranteed win.

Ocean King

Blue Dragon

Ocean King Online is one of the most popular games on Blue Dragon online casino. Ocean king Online is a king among fish table games. The game continues to peak in priority with no sign of plateauing, with both old and new players hoping to face each other and win some prizes. 

Ocean king online is set underwater and has players try their best to catch fish to get prizes and catch rewards. But here’s an extra kicker, ocean king online allows you to face off against other people. Truly giving an experience of a real-life casino.¬†

Ocean King online also has various bonus features that can be triggered during play. A notorious example is their dragon King features, allowing you to take down a giant sea creature and win large rewards. Laser crab is another feature worth a mention. It also offers huge payouts and can also be triggered in the game. 

Ocean King Online¬†is a game on BlueDragon that gives you guaranteed wins but don’t go in there expecting a win all the time. It is betting. You can win, or you can lose, but everyone wants to win though. So take your time with this one, learn a little, and you’ll come with full pockets in no time.¬†

Fishing Star

Another standout game from Blue Dragon casino is the highly-rated Fishing star. Fishing Star is another fish table that might just give Ocean King a run for its money. Its graphics leave you spellbound; the animations immerse you so much that you feel underwater, and it bestows you with wins. 

What more could a game from BlueDragon Casino give? Let me answer that, nothing. It perfectly exemplifies the spirit of BlueDragon Casino in more ways than one. Fishing Star is the gambler’s game.

Fishing Star is rife with various game modes for every player. The adrenaline-pumping Challenge mode doles you with the foremost duty of catching as many fish as possible within a limited time, to the benign but persistent Multiplayer Mode, which allows you to climb the leaderboards and face off against a plethora of people online. 

Fishing star gives off an excitement that is too few and far between in the gambling world; from my experience, the closest thing to do these is some Slot games and some other fish Table games.

Fishing Star is available on BlueDragon Casino for you all to play.

House of Doom

Blue Dragon

House of Doom, the online horror slot game, is also available at BlueDragon Casino, and it is one of the games that give you guaranteed wins. 

While Horror is not new in online slot gaming, House of doom takes it further by providing excitement that will push you off your seat. From its eerie dark music to the gothic graphics, everything House of doom does gives you a feeling of delicious fear and a massive chance of a payout. 

With an RTP of 96% and medium volatility, this is an online slot machine in which one should expect gradual winnings over time. The game is also available to players of all budgets. Players can bet as low as $0.10 per spin and as high as $100.00 per spin.

Players can access House of Doom at BlueDragon Casino through mobile devices, desktops, and Gaming casinos. The game is relatively easy to play and has a stunning UI which makes the game easy to follow. Be sure to play this game and take advantage of its bonus features.

Cookie Pop

Among the games in BlueDragon Casino, cookie pop remains one of its catalog’s most underrated online slot games. Cookie pop is a fun and engaging game that takes players through a world centered on candy and sweets reminiscent of other games that are candy crush inspired or share similarities with the game.¬†

While the game might have a childlike feel, this masterpiece(available on blue dragon slots) is not remotely childish. However, it offers more than just mouth-watering graphics and realistic animations. It makes you win. Yes, this online slot game on BlueDragon Casino offers you nothing but wins.

Cookie pop offers you wins, and let me tell you how. Its free spins, wild symbols, and multipliers give users a chance to win. All you need to do is start, and when I mean to start, I mean start by matching symbols to win prizes. Once you do that responsibly, your chances of winning in BlueDragon increase.

The game is easy and can be played by any skill level. It also allows players of all budget levels to play, and the progressive jackpot is a feature every player should watch out for. This game can be played on BlueDragon Casino across Mobile, Desktop, and gaming consoles.

Boy Kings Treasure

Unlike the previous two, this is one of the most underrated¬†online slot games¬†on Blue Dragon Casino. It is based on historical influences, Ancient Egypt to be precise, and its aesthetic revolves around that. Expect to see Eyes of Ra, Scarab Beetles, and Hieroglyphics. The game’s animation and jaw-dropping graphics pull you in, bringing the sand to your face.

This is one of the hottest Blue Dragon Slots available right now, and for a good reason. It is reasonably straightforward and less complex than most other BlueDragon Slot games. It also has an easy learning curve, with a player attaining professional levels in a short amount of time.

Blue Dragon

Like many other BlueDragon Casino games, Boy kings treasure can be played on devices such as Mobile Devices, tablets, desktops, and gaming consoles. It also has bonus features(not as many other BlueDragon Slots) like the Progressive Jackpot, Free Spins, and multipliers that double your chances of winning. 

Blue Dragon Games: Access them instantly

While BlueDragon games are a popular platform for online slot gaming, just like Fire Kirin, Flamingo7, and Funzone. One still needs to register on Bitplay to play these cool games we discussed and win real money online. And accessing Bitplay is not rocket science. It is something that the least computer-savvy person can do. 

Here are the ways to access BlueDragon on Bitplay:

Step 1: Register on Bitplay

This process is the first and essential to access BlueDragon’s rich online games. It can be completed with just a few clicks. All you need to do is visit the Bitplay website, click the Register button, and fill in your personal details. Once the registration process is completed, you will have a Bitplay account. Then, log in for the next step.

Step 2: Make Blue Dragon your main platform 

Once your registration is completed, various platforms will be presented to you. Click on Blue Dragon. This step will take you to the Blue-Dragon Platform, where you can access all available games.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Before you play a game with Blue-Dragon, you need money. Some games come with free/demo options, but most will require money. This is where this step comes in. It might seem Herculean at first, but it’s easy. Here’s how:

To deposit funds to play BlueDragon Casino games, go to your Bitplay account page and look for the deposit button. Once you click on it, different options will be shown to you, including Card(debit/credit), bank transfer, and cryptocurrency. Choose your preferred payment method, enter the amount you desire to deposit, and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction. 

After this process, you can play Blue-Dragon!


Below are our frequently asked questions from Blue Dragon players. Check them to get some of your answers answered.

Is it Safe to play blue dragon?

Another feature that needs to be spoken of better is BlueDragons’ security due to its encryption of user data and its refusal to allow third-party individuals access. As a result, the online casino ensures its user’s data is well kept and free from the usual data leaks sites face. Therefore, even those who download Blue Dragon 777 app should expect the same level of protection, if not more.

Can I win real money at Blue Dragon Casino?

Yes, you can. While most games at Blue Dragon have free and demo options, these same games also offer options where a player can earn real money. The same thing goes for those who get the Blue Dragon 777 app. All you need to do is sign up, and then you can win real money.


BlueDragon is stable to the most exciting online betting games available. It also has games in various genres and games for every skill level. The games mentioned in this article give you guaranteed wins, and joining Blue Dragon to play isn’t as arduous a task as it looks. Everyone can do it. BlueDragon games are exciting, and you should play them.

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