Tips & Tricks For Blue Dragon Fish Online Games [2024]
  • October 23, 2022
  • Bernard Robinson

Despite an increase in interactive casino titles, the Blue Dragon fish has retained its supremacy. This indicates how popular the game is. Blue Dragon game evolved throughout time, gaining popularity as a consequence of many changes and new features. 

As a result, playing Blue Dragon games will most likely result in wonderful, life-changing experiences for you.

1. Blue Dragon Fish: Overview

blue dragon fish game

The first edition of the Blue Dragon fish was released a few years ago. Because of its fun elements and a high degree of appeal, this game became quite popular. When the online version of Blue Dragon was introduced, the betting industry exploded. 

Blue Dragon 777’s amazing 3D images and high quality animation will make players feel as if they are playing a real fish shooting machine.¬†

Each of the five scary monster varieties on the Blue Dragon fish tables is precisely depicted. There are also ten distinct varieties of fish guns, which make hunting easier.

2. Blue Dragon vs Other Fish Games

Blue Dragon games stand out in the fish game genre with many factors. First of all, these games come with a much higher quality of graphics compared to other ones. Blue Dragon fish titles are also distinguished by their sound quality. The listed factors positively contribute to the overall gaming experience, making BD games one of the most popular choices in the fish shooting genre.

In addition, Blue Dragon fish game titles offer higher payouts than other fish titles. These games provide better precision opportunities, making it easier for players to shoot down fish. Plus, BD games feature numerous built-in bonus opportunities.

3. Finding Blue Dragon Fish Titles

blue dragon fish game download

Blue Dragon online casino now brings the excitement of conventional casino floors right into the palm of your hand, allowing you to enjoy the most exhilarating Blue Dragon fish titles experience online. 

Blue Dragon fish table games have never been easier to play, and you only need to make the Blue Dragon fish game download to compete with your peers for generous awards.

4. Playing the Blue Dragon 777 fish game

The blue dragon fish game features a strong Chinese theme, complete with dragons, gems, and vibrant colors. The basic principles of traditional fish tables, however, apply to this game.

The procedure for playing the blue dragon 777 game is straightforward:

  • Find trusted online casinos¬†with a license and a wide range of games.
  • Make a deposit and sign up.
  • Choose games from the most well-known fish table software creators;¬†
  • Select the weapon type and quantity of shots;
  • Win money by shooting fish.

Remember that the size and speed of each fish will determine your score. As a result, the bonus fish, boss fish, and blue dragon will receive the most points. However, the more valuable the fish, the harder it is to kill it, so use your time and money carefully.

You can choose one of three stake levels depending on your financial status when playing this game. If you’ve heard about the Blue Dragon¬†fish table games¬†but aren’t persuaded, you may register for free and even earn $20 free when you deposit $250.¬†

Blue Dragon communicates with internet fish tables. You must play this game to have a better grasp of it.

Shoot it as soon as the fish leaves the table: Greed is the most common gambler pitfall in this online casino game. People constantly aspire to the stars despite rarely having the opportunity. This also applies to popular online fish-catching games.

Discover the Values of Each Fish: As the saying goes, there are a lot of fish in the sea. This highlights online fish table games since they all contain a range of fish species in various shapes, sizes, and pricing. 

Fish gain value as they grow in size, and various species move in different directions at varying rates. There are also bonus fish such as mermaids, monster fish, and dragons that may be defeated for huge payouts.

5. Tips for Playing on a Budget and Maximizing Winnings

In order to maximize your winnings, you need to activate as many casino promotions as you can. Try to go through the ongoing promotions of your casino. Read the conditions and take advantage of them. This will allow you to collect free credits. With these free credits, you will be able to buy bullets for fish games and increase your winnings!

You can also look for games that allow flexible betting options and offer built-in bonuses. This is the perfect combination when you are on a low budget and want to win big! In this regard, we recommend trying out two games in particular:

Li Kui Pi Yu

It is one of the most popular fish tables available at Blue Dragon. Li Kui Pi Yu is essentially a fish arcade game that allows you to win real money by shooting at fish species and even turtles. 

The main features of Li Kui Pi Yu include:

  • Three cannons
  • Various fish types

The worth of the fish varies depending on the species. For example, if you kill pufferfish, the prizes will be cumulative. However, if you manage to kill a golden dragon online fish table, you might as well load your bags with cash.

Ocean King

This Blue Dragon fish will be fantastic for those of you who enjoy online fish tables. Ocean King online real money is one of the best mobile online fish table games on the market. 

The main features of Ocean King:

  • Various fish characters
  • 2 cannons
  • Multiplayer mode

Because of the multiplayer option and the availability of two independent cannons, this casino game is ideal for anyone looking for adventure in fish arcade games. 

The game takes rapid thinking and coordination, and if you have such talents, there is no reason why you can’t win big in¬†Ocean King fish game.

Bonus tip: No matter your budget, you should always gamble responsibly. Set your budget before starting the game and always stick with it! This is the way to real fun!

6. Strategies to Consider

One of the most common strategies that players use in Blue Dragon fish titles is called the “big fish tactic”. According to the so-called big fish tactic, it is better to go for the big fish from the beginning. According to fish game enthusiasts, this is an effective strategy as it allows you to start collecting big prizes right from the start.

However, there are also players who use the reverse big fish tactic. According to them, it is better to go for smaller targets at the beginning and then gradually move to the bigger ones.

We suggest that you use both of these tactics to figure out which one is right for you.

Tip: Learn more about multiplayer fish games and test different tactics.

7. Safety and Security Considerations When Playing Online Fish Games

Safety and security come first when you engage in online entertainment. This applies to fish games too. In order to guarantee your safety, you need to look for online casinos that use robust technologies.

To find a safe online casino, we suggest reading blogs and reviews provided by relevant websites. There are numerous such websites and they can be an effective tool for players to find how the legitimacy of the platform they are interested in. Always invest your time in your research. This way, your funds and privacy will never be at risk.

8. Blue Dragon Fish Game Download Process

blue dragon fish table

The installation process of Blue dragon fish game download is straightforward. 

  • Open the emulator when it has been successfully installed. The Bluestacks program may take some time to load at first. Once launched, you should be able to see Bluestacks’ Home screen.
  • The program has the Google Play Store pre-installed. Locate Google Play Store on the home screen, then click the icon to start it. You may need to sign in to access the Play Store.
  • Enter “Blue Dragon” into the search bar. From the results, click to install “Blue Dragon.”
  • If you don’t see this software in the results of your search, you must download the APK installation file from the website. Double-click the file after uploading it.
  • Once you finish installation, launch the app by clicking the icon of “Blue Dragon” on the home screen.

9. FAQs

9.1 What are the top Blue Dragon games?

If you want to play top Blue Dragon titles, we once again recommend trying Li Kui Pi Yu and Ocean King. These games will surely provide yo with hours of entertainment!

9.2 Are blue dragon fish table games profitable?

Blue dragon fish titles are incredibly thrilling because you may win real money. You gain various points for each fish you shoot. If you get high enough scores, you will be able to trade them for money and withdraw it whenever you want.

9.3 What are the main characters of the Blue Dragon 777 fish game?

Blue dragon features a strong Chinese theme, complete with dragons, jewels, bonus fishes, and vibrant graphics. However, for the most part, this game follows the basic principles of traditional fish tables.

9.4 What is a blue dragon games?

It is a set of fish shooting games. These games enjoy high popularity among players due to how interactive they are!

9.5 Is it safe to play?

Yes, Blue Dragon games are absolutely safe to play. These games run on cutting-edge technology, providing maximum safety.

9.6 How do I play?

Join Blue Dragon Casino to play the best fish shooting games. For example, you can set up an account on BitOfGold online casino and pick Blue Dragon as your main gaming platform. After this, you will be able to access BD games.

9.7 What are the different versions?

Blue Dragon has a massive set of fish tables. These games differ from each other in terms of bonuses, number of cannon, multiply modes, etc.

9.8 What strategies can I use?

The most common strategy for Blue Dragon games is to go for big fish from the start. However, every player has his/her approach, and it is always better to come up with your one!

9.10 How do I download the game?

If you want to play a fish game on your mobile, you can try the Blue Dragon app. Blue Dragon offers a seamless app with easy-to-use features and a simple interface.

9.11 Can I play on mobile?

Yes, as we noted above, you can play Blue Dragon fish game titles on your mobile phone. Download the app and enjoy numerous fish games!

9.12 What are the system requirements?

The Blue Dragon app doesn’t need high system requirements. It also doesn’t take up much space on your phone.

9.13 Are there any risks to playing?

No, there are no risks to play. However, we always recommend checking local regulations before engaging in any form on online entertainment.

9.14 Where can you find blue dragon fish?

Blue Dragon titles can be found on Blue Dragon platform. In addition to fish games, this platform also offers numerous other gaming genres, including online slot games, roulette, poker, etc.

10. Conclusion

blue dragon fish game

Visuals, affordability, bonuses, a sense of competitiveness, and thrill are the main secrets to the popularity of the blue dragon fish. To achieve and master this game, however, you must first grasp the rules and pick proper games and techniques.

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